In November 2017, a delegation of 12 students from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu came to Stary Oskol City to practice at OZCM LLC. Students will learn the technology of copper refining and copper rod production for 3 months.

Oskol Nonferrous Metal Plant (OZCM LLC), an operating plant, since its inception, namely since 2013, is the only company in the Belgorod region to process copper and copper alloy scrap on its basis into finished products. The company has a long-term experience of successful cooperation with both Russian and foreign (China, South Korea, Poland, Turkey) companies in the production and sale of cable and conductor products and non-ferrous metal products. At present OZCM LLC is a successful and promising fast developing enterprise, the key to success of which is the high level of automation of production, modern equipment, developed scientific and technical base and, undoubtedly, in qualified specialists.

Open Company "OZCM" LLC - the modern enterprise on manufacture of a copper rod, is in the city of Stariy Oskol of the Belgorod Region. On the copper market there is from 2013. The main product is copper fire refining rod (CCR), diameter 8.00 mm., GOST R 53803-2010, copper wire for electrical engineering purpose of various diameters, copper profiles.

We produce copper rod and wire using European equipment Continuus Properzi (Italy) by unique technology. This technology and production facilities allow us to create high-quality, competitive products. At each stage of production, the products are subject to quality control and acceptance. For the production of copper rod and wire "OZCM" uses environmentally friendly raw materials. The plant's products comply with the international quality standards EN 1977.

Relations with consumers are characterized by high discipline of supply and flexibility in pricing policy. It is very important for us that the quality of our products and services always met expectations and all requirements of the Customers. For this purpose we always carry out technical support of all our products at the initial stage of cooperation and are ready to do our best to make you our permanent Partner!

Copper wire

"OZCM" LLC offers for delivery copper wire MM, MT of own manufacture. Nominal diameters from 1,2mm to 4mm. Buy copper wire in "OZTSM" LLC can be in bays, on wooden drums, in boxes. Copper wire is made of copper not lower than grade M1 in accordance with GOST 859. 79. Copper wire is used in various spheres - for the manufacture of cables, wires, cords, windings of engines. "OZCM" LLC offers on realization a copper electro technical wire TU16-705.492-2005.

Copper rod

Fire refining copper rod (CCR), made of copper grade M1or o 8,00mm, GOST R 53803-2010, corresponding to the European standard EN 1977. OZCM LLC offers for sale a copper rod with a diameter of 8 mm of its own production. A copper rod is used for making wires, contact wires, tires and other cable-conductor products. The copper rod is manufactured by CCR brand in accordance with GOST R 53803-2010. Packing of copper rod meets the requirements of GOST 18690-82 with additions to the standard GOST R53803-2010.

Copper profiles

In August 2014 OOO OZCM launches a line for the production of a copper bus and a copper profile of various cross-sections.

Certificate of conformity

No. RU.35.H02228
Validity period from 09.03.2017 to 08.03.2020

Products: Fire refining copper rod (CCR) "OZCM" LLC

Complies with the requirements of regulatory documents GOST R 53803-2010

Oskol Nonferrous Metal Plant (OZCM LLC)

Legal address: 309540, Belgorod region, Stary Oskol district, Stary Oskol, st. Boiler, industrial, teplichnaya, passage Sh-4, building number 3

Actual address: 309540, Belgorod region, Stary Oskol district, Stary Oskol, st. Boiler, industrial, teplichnaya, passage Sh-4, building number 3